Monday, October 16, 2006

Finale Week

This is it! Season 3 of Project Runway comes to an end Wednesday night as Laura Bennett, Uli Herzner, Michael Knight and Jeffrey Sebelia (?) battle for the title of "America's next great fashion designer". Team BPR is hoping for a celebratory conclusion rather than another scandal. Here's some news to get us started off this week:

BPR insider and jewelry designer extraordinaire Ken Fron opened his mailbox and what did he see? Why it's Uli's "First Look" spread in Elle magazine! This is Nazri's 2nd PR-related appearance on the pages of Elle. Will there soon be a third?

Here's a review of the final four collections, as well as a prediction of the winner from The Daily Colonial.

Jeffrey Sebelia's uncle Mark sends along this link to guerilla shopper nyc who found the Cosa Nostra line at the Esthete boutique in the meatpacking district.

Just in time for Halloween, BPR reader Karen has found some DIY costumes that remind her of PR designs at Martha Stewart's website. Here's a coffee filter fairy godmother, a Chloe-like Garden Party creation, and a feathery raven that would make Laura Bennett proud.

Don't forget - our "Who Will Win?" poll is still open. Get your votes in now. Only 2 days left!