Saturday, October 14, 2006

From The Mailbox

In a shameless yet adorable effort at cross-promotion, Bravo is getting ready to unveil a new Top Chef apron designed by our beloved Uncle Nick. Thanks Maurene and Brenda.

Sewing is now a hip hobby? My how times have changed.... Thanks Korie.

Judging from this Cathy comic strip, Angela is once again on the cutting edge of fashion. Thanks Barbara.

We also have a trifecta of upcoming Season 1 designer appearances to report:

First up, Jay McCarroll is scheduled to make an appearance next weekend at Alfred University. He'll be judging a fashion show on Friday evening and participating in a Q&A on Saturday (Oct. 20 and 21). He may even scratch his nose once or twice. Any western New York field reporters available? Thanks Susan.

If you can't make the color tour to see Jay, would Austin Scarlett do? He'll be showing off his Fall 2007 colection for Kenneth Pool at Kleinfeld's next weekend. BPR loves Austin! Thanks Lisa.

Finally, Starr Ilzhoefer was spotted in this article where she predicts Jeffrey for the win. Starr and her design partner Christina Jacuzzo will be debuting their Spring 2007 collection at a benefit for the North Carolina Dance Theater on November 5 in Charlotte. Click here for more details. Thanks to The Commish.

Had enough Project Runway yet? There's a Season 3 marathon today beginning at 3:00 p.m. EST!