Thursday, October 12, 2006

TBone is so Sensible

Yes, it has been crazy here with so much traffic. Thank you all for sticking with us and for your patience. I spotted this comment from Tbone under "Thursday's Mail" and thought he said it very well:

Thanks for all of your kind words everyone. I know it's hard for our long-time readers to see the tone get nasty. It's not what we like to see but in a way it's understandable with the way this show gets edited sometimes. [The drama on the screen brings out the drama in the viewer!]

I liken it to the S2 finale. The reaction thread that night was pretty ugly too, only now we have a lot more users so everything is more amplified. Really, it's just a handful of bad actors that are the spoilers and we are doing our best to shape them up or ship them out.

And I also don't want to scare away any of our newer readers, either. Many share our goal of keeping the site clean and focused on intelligent discussion of everything Project Runway. We hope they stay with us all the way to Season 4.

And to our "core group" who have been with us since early in S2, please know how much we love and appreciate you. You may not have heard directly from us recently but we haven't forgotten any of you!

We expect that the traffic will dramatically drop after next week and we look forward to chatting with all of you again by the blogside fire.