Saturday, October 14, 2006

BPR Top 5 Looks: Honorable Mentions

Curious about how some of your other favorite designs fared in our Top 5 Looks from Season 3 poll? At BPR, you get what you ask for, so today we present to you our "Honorable Mentions" list. These are the designs that finished in 6th - 10th place based on your votes:

6th Place - Jeffrey Sebelia, Waste Not, Want Not (98 votes)
7th Place - Laura Bennett, Black and White (77 votes)
8th Place - Laura Bennett, High Flying Fashion (76 votes)
9th Place (tie) - Alison Kelly, Designer's Best Friend (74 votes)
9th Place (tie) - Michael Knight, Black and White (74 votes)

The tallies for the Top 5: 1st Place Robert Best, Wall To Wall Fashion (173 votes); 2nd Place Michael Knight, Iconic Statement (148 votes); 3rd Place Kayne Gillaspie, Iconic Statement (131 votes); 4th Place Jeffrey Sebelia, Coture du Jour (113 votes); 5th Place Michael Knight, Wall To Wall Fashion (102 votes).

Wondering about Uli? Her Designer's Best Friend outfit barely missed the Top 10, finishing 11th with 73 votes. Her Everyday Woman design also finished strong at #13.

Special thanks goes out again to Madpawn for coordinating the votes with TwoP and to all of you who particpated in the poll. Did anyone get all of the Top 5?