Saturday, October 21, 2006

Transcript of Tim's Podcast - Finale Part Two

BPR Thanks Christine the Lawyer and her brother Kip for this excellent transcript!

I’m Tim Gunn and this is my podcast for the Project Runway finale – part 2. Our last show! As we concluded part 1 of the finale, Laura is raising questions regarding Jeffrey’s collection and whether it was executed by him. And I’ve collected the receipts, I have spoken to all the designers about what they sent out, what help they may have received, of any kind, and I have to say about Jeffrey, and I adore Jeffrey: he is sloppy. He’s not - he doesn’t have bad intentions. He’s not trying to buck the system, really. He does. But that’s not what he’s aiming to do. He just had read this list of things - OK, they can go out. Fine. Do it. Done. Now Laura sent nothing out of course, because who else could do anything as perfectly as she does – no one. And I mean that truly, I don’t mean that to sound cynical or snide. It’s really the truth.

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