Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From The Mailbox

Vincent Libretti gives a lengthy, entertaining interview to the Santa Monica Daily Press where we learn, among other things, that "the head coach for Ohio State University football just asked me to make him an outfit". Oh, dear Vincent. How we miss you! Thanks Amy and Erica.

Best Week Ever continues to show their PR love. Don't miss the Battle of the Gunns as Jeffrey Sebelia and Michael Knight have a Timpressions face off. Thanks Christine.

Daniel Vosovic fans will want to check out this podcast interview with Daniel on Craftcast. Thanks Deb.

Department store sales are up! Can you guess one of the reasons cited why? Thanks Deb.

Set your Tivo's for MADtv on Novemeber 4 where there will be a Project Runway parody. Thanks Wendie.