Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Morning After

There's Jeffrey getting a smooch sandwich from Alison and Uli at the TRESemme viewing party last night. Click here for more images.

BIG NEWS! Both Michael and Uli are unveiling their websites today. Click here for Michael's new site. (Love the theme music!) And here is Uli's new site. Doesn't that logo fit her perfectly?

There's considerable big media coverage of last night's finale:

The Fug Girls watched the finale for New York Magazine. Thanks Rachel.

Here's USA Today's take on last night. Thanks Dan.

Jeffrey's win is a Yahoo news feature this morning. Thanks Mimi.

We are getting many requests for the music from the final collections. If you know any of them, e-mail Team BPR so we can share with everyone. Thanks!

We will also have insider reports soon from Chloe's Lot 8 viewing party and the TRESemme red carpet event in NYC. Stay tuned!