Friday, October 13, 2006

Welcome Phaolo!

From the mailbox:

Hi, Team BPR,

Do my eyes deceive me or is there a new name on the Contributors list? Is it a permanent thing? Are y'all going to introduce Phaolo and let us in on how the fabulous proprietors of BPR began collaborating with the brilliant Project Yawnur PhotoShopper? :)

As always, thanks for the great site.

Yes, MG, it is true and our introduction is long overdue. By now we hope that more of the BPRs have noticed the new addition to our roster. We have been feeling for quite a while that we needed a little more help with BPR. Remember this is just a hobby for us - we have families and jobs and lives to live and during the season, the blog - while we love it - takes a lot of time.

So, there we were sitting around Starbucks at our last Blog Producer's meeting in NYC, trying to figure out who we could sucker - ahem - convince that helping out around the BPR shop would be a fabulous opportunity filled with untold spoils and fame. Here's a little of how that conversation went:

LK: So team, who would be cray-z enough to agree to this?

The Scarlett: It has to be someone who doesn't know any better. Someone who has mad skillz and is willing to share them for nothing more than our undying gratitude.

Tbone: All I know is that this person needs to have some testosterone. There's too many girls on our team!

LK: I know, what if we approach that Project Yawnur guy?

The Scarlett: You mean 'pleightx', the guy who has the Gravatar with Heidi and Tim's head switched? He's an awesome PhotoShopper!

Tbone: I love pleightx! He's already the head of our Houston Field Bureau. Remember his report from Chloe's Lot 8 party?

LK: And how he was the first to report on Chloe receiving the keys to her Saturn Sky Roadster!

The Scarlett: Don't forget the BPR mini-tour he did with Trish.

Tbone: He's too smart to say yes. Isn't he?

Apparently not. He said yes. Welcome Phaolo, we are thrilled to have you on board!