Thursday, October 19, 2006

We hear you!

It seems that there are about 25 e-mails in the box asking for finale music and just as many letting us know that Jeffrey's is available online. Thank you ALL for the links. Here is a note from Jeffrey's friend Mike. We are working on getting the music from the other designers as well. We are here to serve!

Hey there BPR,

It really was amazing, even though, I have to admit, I knew about it for weeks now. I still was screaming along with everyone else when they said his name. I'm so proud of him.
The music sounded great with the show. I'm really happy with it.
If anyone's interested they can get the song, actually two versions of it, at Facecrime, And our myspace is The Original Lifter.

Thanks again for doing all you do with your site and keeping the fun going between Wednesdays.

Take care,

Here is a link to Jeffrey's Myspace where you can also hear the music from his show.