Thursday, October 19, 2006

From The Mailbox

Top of the box goes to Mo Ryan's interview with Tim Gunn. She gets the best stuff! Thanks Deb.

More Tim here. Thanks again Deb!

Here is a review from Thanks Shannon, Tom S, Laura and Meghan.

BPRs know that I am a sucker for limericks! Check this out. Thanks Kenneth!

Here is more from Clarissa. BPR <3 the models! Thanks Jeff.

Amy LaCour was the winner of a PR contest on myspace. Here is her note to BPR:

Hello Bloggers!

I want you to know that I won the Project Runway MySpace sweepstakes in September. Bravo flew my boyfriend and I out to NYC to see the final runway show. And now, finally! we have a winner. (though I was pulling for Laura...)

Here is a link to the video of Amy's talk with Tim Gunn.

Well silly me - I was wrong about who I thought a Rolling Stone reporter would be rooting for! Thanks Warsaw and Erica.

There is something familiar about this blog entry...but it's still cute!

Entertainment Weekly has been consistently excellent in covering Project Runway all season. Thanks Christine.

More from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Rolling Stone playlist of the day is songs about fashion in honor of Project Runway!

Whew! By the time you read these - we'll have more! Thanks everyone for all of the great links!