Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Lot at Lot 8 Viewing Party

Season 2 winner, Chloe Dao, had a Finale Viewing Party last night at her Lot 8 store in Houston. Our intrepid BPR Field Reporter, Myra, filed this report:

I love BPR and so does Chloe! She admits that she goes on the site all the time to read the posts. Last night, I attended the Season 3 Finale viewing party at Lot 8 with my friends Carisa and Dana and we had the opportunity to talk with Chloe before the store started getting packed. There was champagne and hors'dourves as well as a plasma screen and projector showing the finale. Her store was open for business the entire time and people were buying all throughout the night (taking advantage of that 20% discount on Chloe Dao items). All in all, there were probably about 50+ people in attendance.

The highlight of the night was meeting and speaking with Chloe. She is just as you would expect - beautiful, outgoing, down to earth, and sweet. She looked really amazing in one of her own designs as well. Chloe was kind enough and patient to take a picture with my friends and I after many bad shots. I think we finally got a cute one though! We all had a great time ... enjoy the photos!

Myra N.

Thank you Myra. Click here to view Myra's photos, along with a few of my own.