Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Advice From Robert Best

Robert Best offers his advice to Season Four hopefuls - thanks Robert!
...I don't imagine there is any one formula that is a guarantee, but a few helpful hints can't hurt. Be yourself-this is the most obvious. Be brief. Good editing is the hallmark of the best designers. To that end- know what you want to say, how you want to represent yourself, and do it in a strong and confident way that is easily understandable. No one wants a long story and or song and dance. Let the work speak for itself, the more you have to explain... the more you probably should have prepared. A good portfolio, and well made clothes that define your style are all the ammunition you need. A winning personality is always a plus, but looking at some of the yahoos who have been on the past seasons (myself included) would lead me to believe anything is possible. Keep things in perspective, have fun and remember that win lose or draw, do your best and that is as much as a person can do. Oh yeah, whatever you do....don't bore us, and I should know.
Robert Best