Monday, March 19, 2007

A Note From Angela Keslar

Hi Scarlett,

how's life?

i am doing a rosette making workshop at etsy labs in brooklyn, april 1st. i thought bloggers might like to know. etsy is an amazing organization dedicated to all things handmade. they have an ebay-like website where everything is handmade by talented artists. i went to their opening party last month and got to know some of the people. it's very exciting what they are doing - they have a large space in brooklyn where they will be hosting all kinds of workshops, do-it-yourself types of interests. the people are great great great. these are the kind of people that should be running
our government!!!!!

i've been staying in ny with a friend who lives in queens. i became a member at the met (hoo-ray!) and have been learning the ropes of subway navigation. going to lots of great restaurants and having little adventures here and there. i feel like alice in wonderland. not sure how long i am staying but i am enjoying every second of it.

hope all is well~