Sunday, March 18, 2007

Audition Advice for Season Four Hopefuls

Auditions are right around the corner and we have been there. Well... not actually IN the auditions but there to see the length of the lines and to interview many of the hopefuls. (For those who weren't with us during season two, you can check out more about our coverage of the season three auditions in NYC starting here.)

With absolutely no expertise or qualifications even I could tell that some of the folks just didn't have a chance. So I thought it would be fun this season to put together a series of "advice" articles for designers hoping to make it onto the show. We'll start with the auditions.

First of all, please complete the application form before you arrive. This form is twenty-one pages long, and requires a lot of information that you probably won't have available to you (such as a photocopy of your id) if you wait until you are actually IN LINE to complete it. Yes, we saw people filling out their applications as they waited in line. Also, please follow the instructions carefully, writing legibly and not leaving anything blank. If you get past this first phase of the qualification process, there will be additional forms to complete and more serious contracts for you to sign. This is a big commitment. Are you sure you want to do this?

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