Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Season 4 Advice From Chloe

I have to start out by saying that being a judge on the panel was actually harder emotionally on me then trying out myself. I was extremely excited to see all these great creative forces but there were few and far between. It is very hard to squish someone’s dream in five seconds which we did sometimes but it was necessary. So here is my little humble advice on how to not be "out" before you can even be "in".

Make sure your designs are "current". I am not talking about designs you just whipped up for the tryout. It is more about, can the store sell it this season or next season b/c the design has a sense of style, class, and innovation. Remember, all the panelists are fashion industry experts and they have seen everything, especially what is happening for the next year already. If your aesthetic is the 60's mixed with some rock and roll, then make it the 60's mix with rock and roll for 2007. It has to be "current”.

Make sure it is well made. We eliminated so many designers in less then 5 seconds just based on construction alone. This before you even put the clothes on the rack, we can see that well. PR is about making clothes that look well made in an extremely short period of time. So if you can't construct, stay home and enjoy the season 4 when it comes out.

Do not compare yourself to some well known designer! Once you mention the name, we are going to do the comparison in our head and believe me; you will most likely not be in the lead. Just speak about your point of view, inspiration, and why you should be on PR. Common questions but many came unprepared to answer it. Worst answer for me last audition was “I want to learn". I told her PR was not a class and she will be eaten alive.

Enjoy the tryout experience. When I tried out, I took the opportunity to meet other designers, see different portfolios, good and bad. Where else can you get a few hundreds designers in one location, just sitting and waiting instead of busy trying to sew and create. Enjoy that quiet moment before the storm if you are finally "IN".

Good Luck,
Chloe Dao