Friday, March 02, 2007

Suggestions For New Shows...

Hair dressing

I don't see either being interesting or creative enough to wipe PR's designer pumps.

Heck, I'd rather see Top Potter, when a group of folks who work with clay are faced with creating distinctive but tasteful pieces of art in a single day, fire them and then after firing them are judged.

And then the loser could be "tossed".

Short term projects that fit a day.....Not projects that should take a week being done in a day.

After reading this comment from Ann, I thought we could have some fun with this.

Top Plumber? Imagine the challenges...

Top Math Teacher? Top Blogger? (Tbone wins the speed challenge.)

Can you invent a new show for Bravo?

Must include the title of the show, an example of a challenge and the dismissal phrase.