Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Malan Breton at Birdland - A BPR Field Report

Ciao my darlings! Madeline here with the scoop on our delightful dandy-man Malan Breton’s night of music at Birdland in NYC. I had been battling a nasty cold all week but was able to to hop over to the club with my mother. We were greeted by a lush, elegant interior with art-deco influence surrounding the spacious bar and photos of jazz greats lining the walls; definitely Malan’s kind of place. I was so excited I could barely eat my dinner (which my mother attests was delicious and moderately priced) and, much to my mother’s bemusement, kept craning my neck to see if had come in or not.

After a while, I heard a very distinctive and familiar giggle. I turned around and, voila, there he was!! I (not so) subtly waved him over and he waved back as he ducked backstage to get ready. When he came back out, we blew kisses as he took his place amongst the performers. We were treated to a delightfully eclectic and entertaining range of singers including Bronwen Coleman, one of Malan’s gorgeous models. She floated on to the stage wearing the blue silk gown she modeled for him in his latest show.

At last it was Malan’s turn to sing. He was all smiles and looking beautifully soignée in his black suit which he with a pair of beautiful, jeweled cufflinks that sparkled in the spotlights, and his trademark hair; slicked back like a true ‘30s crooner. He introduced the song as one that his grandmother had taught him when he was young and went in to his beautiful and heartfelt rendition of “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin. His lovely baritone was as smooth as honey and he sang with such love and sincerity that it nearly brought me to tears. The audience felt the same way and roared with admiration.

After the show, Malan and I chatted for a little bit about his performance, his recording of “Silent Night,” and how coconut bras may be the next big thing in haute couture. He told me that the management of Birdland might get him to sing again sometime soon so keep your eyes peeled!! A night of music and Malan, what more can you ask for?