Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Note From Emmett

Dear Laura and the BPR Team:

Thank you for being such a support in my first year of business!

As a contestant of Project Runway, I was given exposure with the popularity of the show beyond my wildest expectations.

Chloe Dao first turned me onto your blog, and it was such a thrill to read your posts and read the opinions of the fans.

I can imagine the amount of work and dedication it takes to run a successful blog especially when the seasons are running. I appreciate the diligent upkeep with the designers and the events going on surrounding Project Runway.

Project Runway was a great launching pad for my design company and boutique. BPR chronicled every step of the way, and notified fans of every event I have had in the past year. This viral awareness has brought success to my boutique and online store. Our events with Tim Gunn, the bobble heads and t shirts were so much fun and the Project Runway fans of Tim were notified through you cultivating the Blogging Project Runway forum.

Please know, Laura K, Scarlett, TBone and Phaolo, tonight when we are toasting our one-year anniversary we celebrate our success, the success of Project Runway, the designers and Your success, the innovators of BPR.

Your friendship, love and support has made it all the more rewarding!