Thursday, March 29, 2007

BPR at Cosa Nostra!

BPR's Ace Field Reporter Christine graciously agreed to cover the Cosa Nostra Show for us! Thanks again Christine. Thanks also to Jeffrey Sebelia for including us on the Press List.

I attended the Cosa Nostra Fall 2007 runway show on Wednesday night on behalf of BPR. The show was held in a loft building in the arts district of downtown LA. I arrived and was let in early, as I was on the press list. Therefore, I got to see a lot that others didn’t. I saw the band do their sound check, Jeffrey milling about getting things in order, and the models getting their hair and makeup done. I tried to stay out of everyone’s way, and didn’t want to disturb anyone setting up.

After a while, people starting filing in, and eventually I started seeing people I knew from the show. I spotted Amanda Fields from last season, and snapped two shots of her. One speaking to a friend of mine, and one where she’s talking with Jeffrey’s mom, Pam. You can’t see Pam’s face, but trust me, it’s her! I also saw her husband, Jeffrey’s stepdad. Later on Nick Verreos came in with John Wade, and I also spotted Santino Rice near me, but unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of him. Also in the crowd were a lot of folks that looked like rock stars, and might be! But I couldn’t identify anyone specific. Maybe someone else can!

Slightly after 7pm, the show started. They had fabric screens set up near the beginning of the runway and projected the models walking on the screens. The runway was a square, and I was at the end of one of the long sides, so I had a chance to get a lot of model shots, and see the garments up close. The entire collection had a punk rock/Victorian feel. The stitching and details were immaculate. Seriously stunning. I was completely blown away, and I was already a Jeffrey super fan. During the show I recognized at least two of the models, one from season 2, and one from ANTM. After an extensive collection of both men’s and women’s wear, the finale started, which ended with Jeffrey, occasionally waving and cheering with the crowd.

After the end of the show, Ima Robot played. I stayed for some of the band, had a cocktail, then joined the crowed in the long wait [over an hour!] for valet, which is were you really got to be up close with the famous folks. Amanda was next to me for most of the hour and she seemed really nice and goofy. Jeffrey’s mom and stepdad, Santino, and the guys that looked like a band were all in the mix with the rest of us.

The show was really professional and amazingly well done. I was so happy to be there, and was so impressed with the quality of the clothing. I already loved Jeffrey’s work, and this only solidified my original impression of him and his designs. Thanks to BPR for having me cover it!

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