Monday, March 19, 2007

Mychael Knight's Starbucks T-shirts Reach Fans

Through very precise timing, I was lucky enough to snag a "My Starbucks" t-shirt designed by Mychael Knight! It came yesterday to my ecstatic joy, though unfortunately I accidently mixed up Frappuccino blended creme with frappuccino blended coffee in my initial rush. Anyways, if you'd like, here's a photo of my shirt, which by the way, came with a free drink! I absolutely love Mychael and I'm still a bit incredulous that I was able to get something he designed completely free of charge. You all at BPR are so fantastic, I really appreciate all that you do, I certainly would never have known about this without you!

Kiwi sent us a photo of her shirt too! Thanks girls! Anyone else?