Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Perhaps those sunglasses are from Heidi's new line from Lenscrafters. Thanks, Wendie.

Happy Wednesday to all! We have lots of news today.

Here is a great article from Thanks Liz.

A fellow blogger plans to report on Fashion Week. Check it out here. Thanks Valerie.

All the way from New Zealand! Here is an interview with Michael Kors. Thanks PRGay Boys!

Missing Alison? Well, tonight at 7:30pm Alison Kelly will be making an appearance on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD on NBC! Watch her Fall Fashion Forecast and see some of her designs! All designs seen will be available in Shop Dahl at soon! Thanks Alison.

Remember the teaser that a "Season Two designer" would be appearing at Cherry Hill Mall? Well, it seems that the designer is none other than the charming Diana Eng! Thanks Meredith.

Last, Catherine Malandrino is quoted in here. Thanks Anne.