Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BPR Top 5 Looks: 1st Place

Each season of Project Runway has brought forth a progessively more experienced crop of designers to the competition, and that certainly held true for Season 3. No one brought a more impressive resume than Robert Best. After working for Isaac Mizrahi, Anne Klein and Donna Karan in New York, the Parsons graduate set off for Hollywood making his fashion mark for Mattel on the Barbie doll.

Robert's work was so well known and respected that when the Season 3 cast was announced, some suggested it was unfair to have him in the competition. In Wall To Wall Fashion, Robert's design gave us every indication that he would be in for the long haul.

Using a duvet cover for the skirt, a bed sheet for the top and pieces from a jeweled wall hanging for the straps, Robert started off in spectacular style. This cute dress was a strong contender for the win and we all thought he would be a shoe-in for OFW.

Robert Best brought humor and integrity to PR this season and we missed him dearly when he left. We will not forget him, however. His design for Wall To Wall Fashion walks away as your choice for the #1 look of Season 3. Congratulations, Robert!