Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The Finale is here! Just to clear up the confusion some of you seem to have, tonight is the first of two parts. The wnner will not be revealed on tonight's episode. This is the episode we love where Tim goes and visits with all of the designers at their homes. Come on, Tim with pale bare feet on Miami Beach? We can't wait!

We will have the usual play-by-play, party and reaction threads up for you this evening. Only two more episodes left, will we survive for the next 9 months until S4? Meanwhile, here's some news:

ET Online has a new article up today wondering about who will win. Don't miss the exclusive behind the scenes video from the OFW show. Thanks Deb and Jackie.

We all know how Austin Scarlett has started working for Amsale, but look who else has shown up on their website. Isn't Camilla gorgeous? Thanks Megan.

Have room for one last reunion recap? See our old friend AJ.

Our friends at Buddy TV wanted to let you know that Season 2 winning model Grace Kelsey has been providing commentary on S3 at their site. Go check her out!

BPR reader Sara thinks this looks like a Michael dress. Not to be outdone, Rebecca sends in this Madonna look. Is it Michael's Black and White?

ETA: Here is a great "Classless Reunion" post from Kora! Thanks Trixie!