Tuesday, November 07, 2006

BPR <3 Project Rungay!

Just in case you missed it, those fabulous Project Rungay boys are blogging about Season One! So far, they've only covered the first episode and they have mangaged to mine enough material from "Innovation" to keep readers happy for an entire week! Of course - it was a heck of a first episode and a heck of a season. I can still remember sitting and watching all by myself. It's much more fun to watch with the Rungay boys!

Here is the way it works:

On Monday we watch the preview of that week's episode. Then on Wednesday we will all watch the episode together. Throughout the week, the boys will cover the winner, the loser, the models, the challenges and all the fun that they can glean from that particular week.

After Season One, they'll go straight into Season Two and hopefully by then we'll all be ready for Season Four!

This is a great way to get your fill of Project Runway every single day. And if you missed the early seasons this is a great way to catch up. So, join Project Rungay and relive the fun of Wendy, Austin, Jay, Kara Saun and all the rest from Season One.