Monday, November 06, 2006

Clarissa at Lela Boutique

BPR reader Rachel P visited Lela Boutique in Milwaukee on Saturday and met Clarissa Anderson. Here is her report. Thanks Rachel!

Hey all! I had the opportunity to meet CLARISSA (Michael's model in the finale) at a terrific little boutique in Third Ward area of Milwaukee. The store hosting Clarissa was called Lela Boutique. If you live in Milwaukee you *have* to come to this store! Don't live in Milwaukee? Take a look here.

Lela sells a terrific mixture of current contempory clothing from up-and-coming national and local designers and a small but well-selected group of vintage clothing and handbags. The owners let me in a wee bit early and I was lucky enough to get a tour and learn more about the store. I fit right in too as I was wearing my vintage Bonnie Cashin winter coat (one of the original American sportswear designers including Coach purses). Thanks Stephanie and Carrie!

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