Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Did Laura Wear?

Dear Laura, Scarlett, Phaolo and Tbone,

During season three we received very quick glimpses of Laura Bennett and the clothes that she wears. As a 40-year-old mom of four who is steadily trying to de-frump her wardrobe, I wanted to be able to look more closely at Laura's clothes because, except for the cocktail dresses, her look seems so achievable. I especially wanted a close look at that white trench coat with some sort of print(!) on the bottom.

My daughter Victoria graciously offered to make screencaps of Laura. And now we know what that print is on the trench coat. Delightful! I want one! There's also a screencap of Laura in her BPR shirt. And a shot of her wearing the jacket she made for the dog challenge. We even caught her without the red lipstick.

These screen caps are available for viewing on Victoria's blog: I think Victoria has succeeded in capturing most of the clothes that Laura wore on the show. Perhaps your readers might be interested? Thank you very much.

Victoria's Screencaps.

Kind Regards,
Anita Ashland

Dear Anita and Victoria,

We love this! Thank you very much for sharing it with BPR. You are so right about the trench coat.

Team BPR