Monday, November 20, 2006

From The Mailbox

BPR's newest field reporter, William was on hand at Chloe Dao's Urbanites Fashion Show on Friday night. Click here for a slideshow, or here for William's photobucket album.

Thanks Scarlett for uploading the photos to Youtube! Thanks William for representing BPR and thanks Chloe for your gracious welcome.

Tim Gunn is now mentioned in the celebrity pages - right along with Britney Spears! Click here to discover where Tim dined while he was in Chicago.

Here is a fellow blogger's report from the Windy City.

BPR regular Ms. Place reports that Tim's podcasts are in regular rotation on her ipod. I need an ipod...

This article is about "Model Entrepreneur" Heidi Klum. Here is a quote:

"("Runway") has really caught on with people," says Klum. "That's helped me as a personality, so I'm very happy about that."

The series have generated attractive numbers. Last season's Bravo "Runway" finale averaged a 4.6 rating with 5.4 million viewers tuning in -- the net's highest rated telecast ever. Although Klum says she would "of course" return for a fourth season, plans are, at present, "unannounced," according to Bravo prexy Lauren Zalaznick.

Be sure to visit Andrae Blogzalo for the latest...a contest. I don't want to give it away. Check it out!

Thanks Deb and Val for these great links.

Here is one more from Randall. Ever wonder what is costs to produce an episode of Project Runway? Here is a suggestion:

But Bravo’s costs are well under that, in the estimate of Rod Buston, associate professor of mass communications at the University of Denver. By using non-union production crews, digital-video production technology and lots of product placements to subsidize creation of a show, he estimates that it costs Bravo only $30,000 to $40,000 to shoot and edit each hour-long reality program. Spread over multiple airings, he said, that comes down to $5,000 or $10,000 each.

In contrast, NBC spends like this:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which hasn’t generated West Wing-like ratings, costs upwards of $2.5 million an episode.

Please read the entire article. It's fascinating.