Tuesday, November 07, 2006

News From Angela

You can talk to Angela this Sunday at 12 pm (PST) by calling Ring My Bell at 1.323.603.6312. You can click on their site here to watch her take calls and answer the phone-in questions during the one hour show.

You can also meet Angela this Thursday, November 9th at 6 pm at Macy's Downtown Seattle where she will appear with Tim Gunn. RSVP: 206.506.4FUN. She will then be with Tim at Macy's Topango Plaza in CA on November 11th at 2 pm. RSVP 626.737.6499. She will also appear with Tim in Chicago, IL on November 16 at 8 pm.; we are told that no further reservations are being taken for this event. Finally, Angela will join Tim at Macy's Town Center, Leawood, KS on November 18 at 2 pm - this is a standing room only event as all reservations have been filled.