Friday, November 17, 2006

The BPR's Choice Award

We have been promising to post ALL of the Halloween entries and here they are! Click here for the slideshow of all 44 entries. Thanks Phaolo for your excellent work preparing the images!

Just to make things fun we are going to hold a little BPR's Choice Award Poll. After some discussion we decided that the best way to do this is to include all of the entries that received at least one vote from our panel of judges. There are a total of 12 entries. We would have loved to have had a poll with all 44 entries but Pollhost only allows twenty and although we considered other options - we think this will work.

You can only vote for one entry, but you can vote once a day - just like the real People's Choice Awards.

Does this sound fair? The winner will receive a Season One DVD. There is a lot of Season One Fun going on at Project Rungay and we want to be part of it!

Vote below:

BPR's Choice - Pick Your Favorite Costume
Costume #1 - "Laura Bennett"
Costume #3 - "Angela Keslar"
Costume #4 - "Tim Gunn"
Costume #5 - "Heidi Klum"
Costume #10 - "Jeffrey Sebelia"
Costume #12 - "Tim Gunn"
Costume #13 - "Shannon, Team Lingerie"
Costume #22 - "Jeffrey as Marilinda"
Costume #25 - "Laura Bennett"
Costume #27 - "Jeffrey Sebelia"
Costume #30 - "Marilinda, Couture du Jour"
Costume #33 ' "Heidi Klum"

The poll will close on Wednesday November 22 at noon eastern time.

Update: The poll has closed. Click here to see the results.