Monday, November 13, 2006

From The Mailbox

First we have received several e-mails like this one:

This looks suspiciously like a sketch from Robert Best's fashion model collection for Barbie... I saw it at Target today and was extremely excited. I, of course, bought the shirt. Do y'all know whether it's authentic or a Robert knock-off?


And I finally wrote to Robert for an answer. Turns out Lindsay and the others who asked about it were right!

Yes this is an authentic Robert Best sketch from the Barbie Fashion Model Collection on a t-shirt at Target.
Robert Best

A proud mom sent in this link to a video interview with Michael Knight on Good Day Atlanta. Thanks Pam!

Laura L caught Tim Gunn on MSNBC. Anyone else see this? I'm sorry I missed it!

Hi Laura
Just caught this Sunday's "Your Business" on MSNBC. They featured the up and coming design team behind the Vena Cava label. None other than TIm Gunn was a guest panelist. He provided insight about what it takes to make it in the fashion design industry from a business standpoint. Once again, he as fab! You could tell that he was still in Seattle - the Space Needle gave his whereabouts away!

Here is the link:
Stay well
Laura L

Last, here is a nice story about Malan's boutique from AMNY. Thanks Taylor.