Monday, November 13, 2006

Halloween Contest Winners: 3rd Place

Thanks to everyone who entered BPR's Halloween contest, your creativity was amazing! Our panel of guest judges - Katherine Gerdes, Andrae Gonzalo, Emmett McCarthy and Nick Verreos - have finished their deliberations. We can't wait to show you all of the entries, but first we will count down our prize winners.

Our 3rd place finisher comes from Andrew:

This is my boyfriend, Jason, who dressed up as Tim Gunn. And yes that is an official Red Lobster tag and a pregnant Heidi Klum on his lapel. We imagined if Tim drank, he drank scotch.

Let's see what the judges had to say:

Andrae: Scary Tim Gunn. Although I've never seen Tim in a fabric with such a sheen, the bone structure on this contestant is strikingly similar to the original Smith and Wesson. If it's even possible, could they be cast from the same mold?

Katy: While there were many dead on Tim Gunns, the little Heidi Klum in the pocket was what pushed this "Tim" to the top for me! He managed to have 2 PR personalities in one costume. Plus the facial expressions and poses are perfect!

Nick: To me, this was the most creative Tim entry. Of course, I especially loved the Barbie in his handkerchief pocket, as well as the name tags, and the photo of him holding his much-needed cocktail after a 12-hour Project Runway day at the workroom with the crazy designers was very funny indeed!

Congratulations Andrew and Jason! Your entry finished in 3rd place and you've won an assortment of products from TRESemmé!