Wednesday, November 15, 2006

BPR Halloween Contest: Grand Prize Winner

The judges have spoken: marzipan costumes for a Black Forest production of the Nutcracker? Of course! Inspired by a design that Santino Rice barely escaped the runway with, our Grand Prize winner found the perfect venue to make the look "aesthetically pleasing":

Hey Team BPR, My name is Nicole and I'm a 20 year old Graphic Design major at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. [I figure you should know my age since the costume is a tad on the scandalous side...].

I've been a truly dedicated PR fan since episode 1 season 1. I spent all last week thinking about and constructing my costume, trying to get every detail in there. From all the trims to the crazy makeup... I know some colors aren't exact but hopefully it's overwhelmingly obvious what I was going for.

I used my late Nana's model form she used to make clothes on, but since I'm more of a graphic designer than a fashion designer most of the things are glued. Everything you see was done by me [except for an old bra and underwear set, which I built the costume on] but other than that the whole costume, hair, makeup, and photography was done by me.

Here are my pictures of me as Shannon in the Team Lingerie challenge from season 2. Carry on! ~Nicole Geldart


Andrae: I just loved this one. Team Lingerie. It survived on the show for it's original point of view, and this BPR reader gets my vote here for the same reason. For me, this is what Project Runway is all about: giving people a forum to be creative, and standing back to marvel at what they come up with. It's all too easy to get your girlfriend to write "Detroit" on your neck with a sharpie. How many of you know where to find red 1/4" pompoms by the yard in your home town? Good Job.

Nick: Accurate styling, design and make-up! Instantly recognizable to the "inner circle" of die-hard Project Runway fan! Did she bid on Emmett's design and then wore it? Inquiring minds want to know.

Emmett: Congratulations to Nicole, Winner of the BPR Halloween contest, and the other winners, you are all IN!
I am partial to the winning creation as Nicole followed all the precise construction techniques in assembling it as I did in the original outfit per Santino's explicit design direction.
Nina, Nick and I are vindicated that Nicole also saw this ensemble as a costume and not as lingerie.

Congratulations Nicole! You've won a year's supply of TRESemme' hair care products, a set of new ceramic ionic hair brushes and a Season 2 DVD, all courtesy of our friends at TRESemmé.

We had many great entries, check back tomorrow to see our 4th and 5th place finishers as well as a slide show of all the costumes.