Sunday, November 12, 2006

Deb's Report - Tim and Angela Take the Town

Tim and Angela Take The Town
Sing with me! "It's Project Runway time! It's Project Runway time!"

After weeks of anticipation, the big day had finally arrived: Tim and Angela were coming to Macy's Topanga! I'd spoken with Karen in the Macy's executive office twice since first seeing the BPR post on October 17th regarding the Macy's tour, so I knew the turnout was likely to be high. With that in mind, I arrived nearly two hours early to find a line already a few dozen people deep (one group had actually spent the night in the parking lot to ensure they'd be the first in line; their cars were painted with "Tim Gunn rocks!" and other sayings). Word was quickly spreading that the "phone reservations" many of us had made didn't guarantee anything; the only people with truly reserved seats were "Macy's By Appointment" customers. Grumbling ensued. Fortunately, my fellow grumblers and I had gotten there early enough that we needn't have worried about getting seats. Moral of the story: get there early!
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Click below for a slideshow of the garments at the event.