Thursday, November 16, 2006

Designer Mail!

It seems that many of the designers are checking in today!

First from Kara Janx, a notice about a sale - and the holidays are coming!

Silk Kimonos and Wooly Winter Hats on sale!

ALSO, all orders placed between November 15th till December 10th will receive FREE SHIPPING! Please place your order by December 15th if you would like to receive it in time for the holidays.

From Daniel Franco - a video of his Spring Collection:

From David Paul - this news about Nick Verreos:

Hi Laura,

Yes I accompanied Nick to Kansas and we are already back in LA today! It was a great event. They really did a great job. They do not offer a Fashion Major, but several students involved in textile design, art and costume design filled out the talented 8 designers.

It was a very creative show that more schools should copy! They even had the judges critique the entries which was fun, although made things run quite long!

Nick signed autographs and posed for photos for hundred upon hundreds of excited students. I don't know how he does it sometimes!

Nick will be the backstage correspondent for The Victoria's Secret Show tomorrow. He is doing it for Heidi Klum's Production company, similar to the Halloween footage. I'll let you know more on that as it becomes available.


Then from Bradley Baumkirchner this adorable photo with designer Benjamin Cho at a PaperMag event in Los Angeles. Do we love the beard? Honestly I almost forgot that he shaved it for the Reunion!

Finally remember that Chloe Dao's Urbanites event is tomorrow night in Houston. We need a Field Reporter and we can almost promise that Chloe will treat you like royalty! Please write to Team BPR if you are available - thanks!