Friday, November 10, 2006

Report From Seattle - Tim & Angela at Macy's

Click here for the wonderful report from BPR's own ScubaOtter. Yes, she was touched by Gunn.

Next, we have an excellent report from Beth, one of our 'Seattle Bureau' reporters, on yesterday's Macy's event that featured Tim Gunn and Angela Keslar.

Greetings team BPR!

Just thought I'd pass along a quick note and some photos from the Seattle event this evening.

We arrived at the Stewart Street Room at the downtown Macy's. We were 40 minutes early and there were already a ton of people there! Apparently, over 600 people had RSVP'ed for the event. Soon the room filled up and we were ready to begin.

Tim came out, welcomed us (as PR's biggest market) and answered a few questions that had been collected from the audience. When asked what his favorite PR creation was over all three seasons, he responded that Austin Scarlett's corn husk dress was his absolute favorite - not only for it's ingenuity but also because it set the tone for the season and the series. He also commented on the judging process and how in this season's finale, judges were solely looking at what was being presented in the tents at Bryant Park and not the whole scope of design work over the season. He related this to Michael's collection, and he also expressed some disappointment in his work, thinking he was isolated when he went home to Atlanta. He answered a few more questions and then it was on to the fashion show!

Click here to read more of Beth's report.