Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Halloween Contest Winners: 2nd Place

There were 14 different Jeffrey Sebelia entries in our Halloween contest, but none more inspired than Pete Wilson's. And as I'm sure you can imagine, there is quite a story behind this costume:

Dearest, dearest BPR - I'm thrilled to be able to send you these photos - five photos may seem like overkill, but I want to make sure you see all the parts of my costume. That and as my purse, including my camera, were stolen that night (I should have known better than to have used a purse when the original outfit didn't have one), I had to cobble together shots from my friends' cameras.

I've had a rough month, and I wasn't excited about Halloween at all until I had the idea to make Jeffrey's final dress from his collection- especially in Los Angeles, on the streets of West Hollywood, I knew that it would be instantly recognizable and loved. I also wanted to pump up the laugh factor - to have people be amazed by the dress but to also to laugh at the ridiculousness of me in it.

Click here to continue reading Pete's incredible story on this costume, that he made himself! Meanwhile, let's check in on the judges:

Katy: How could I not love this? Out of all the people who made "model" looks, this one takes the cake. Not only is the dress really done well, but also I love the combination of a model look AND a designer! Who knew Jeffrey could look so good in a dress? Plus, is that a tattoo of Tim Gunn? I want one!

Nick: Genius! Not only did he do Jeffrey but also in Drag, wearing his own Final Dress, and very accurately, with the same fabric. Who knew that "JoAnn's House Of Fabrics" carried the same fabric? He gets extra points for that, as well as wearing 3 inch-heeled ankle boots. My favorite by far. He killed two birds with one stone-costume!

Emmett: Pete Wilson wins a design position at Cosa Nostra. WOW, what a great two-for-one and not everyone can pull off horizontal green stripes. A tribute to the Winner: Jeffrey.

Congratulations Pete on being the runner-up in our Halloween contest, you've won an assortment of goodies courtesy of TRESemmé. Who could top this as our Grand Prize Winner? Tune in tomorrow to find out!