Saturday, November 18, 2006

From The Mailbox

Nick Verreos is auctioning this original sketch tonight for a great cause. Details to come...

Click here for a link to Jonathan's photo album from Topanga. These pictures are excellent. I love the detail shots of the designs. He also reports overhearing Angela's brother, Chris, say that he bid on and won Angela's original Macy's Challenge sketch. What a wonderfully supportive brother. Thanks Jonathan!

Speaking of Angela, here is an article about her famous rosettes. You go girl!

Kora's excellent and thorough review of Uli's Finale Collection is up! Great work, Kora.

Is Heidi Klum the hottest? You can still vote.

Here is a fellow blogger's story of a Tim Gunn sighting! Thanks Deb.

Yet another article crediting Project Runway with a rising interest in fashion sewing - YAY! Thanks Deb.