Monday, December 17, 2007

Amanda's Take - Episode Five

Here is yet another episode without the models!
We have women who have recently lost a significant amount of weight and that is definitely to be admired. I liked this challenge and it was interesting to see the transformations of the outfits. (Some of the re-worked outfits didn't look like they used much of the original materials at all!) I especially liked Kit's and Rami's!

Since we have these lovely women on the show this week - who do not model professionally - I really don't think it is right for me to "rate" their walks! You could definitely tell a difference in the women who loved their clothes and the ones who didn't.

Now to answer some burning questions!!

Laura K e-mailed me questions you, readers of Blogging Project Runway had for me about the models and the overall project runway experience.

Here they are!

1. How are the models chosen to appear on Project Runway? Was it really through an ad on Craig's List?

NO!! The models are chosen at a casting. Just like you would go to for any fashion show - except this was on camera. You come in the room at Michael Kors' studio and chat with a casting director. They look at your pictures and have you walk for them. Then they take some polaroids. They cast the show with the models they REALLY want earlier on, then find out that some girls don't want to sign the contract or just don't want to do it and they have to replace them, and replace them.. and you are left with girls who are either not busy models or the few who see it as an amazing, intelligent time-investment to create more work for you in the future! Just so you know, I knew I was in the show 12 days before it started filming. Some girls found out the DAY BEFORE. Good to know I was in the Season 3 "Original Cast."

2. Did you sign a contract to appear on Project Runway? Was the contract with Bravo, Weinstein or someone else? Is it true that the models work for no money?

I am not at liberty to discuss this. This kind of thing is better answered by someone like Michael Rucker or Andy Cohen. I can tell you that there is a one year confidentiality agreement.

You cannot disclose any results from challenges or talk about what happened on the set until AFTER it has come out on TV. There is a substantial fine for breaking that. They just need to protect the suspense level of this hit show!

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