Thursday, December 20, 2007

From The Mailbox

The mailbox is filled with questions about the schedule. The next new episode is on January 2nd. It's called "Eye Candy." Many of you are recognizing the location, hearing Elisa say "chocolate!" and speculating about the type of challenge that this might be. Of course we will be posting previews as soon as they are available and we will return with TBone's live-posting as well as our party post on the 2nd.

We don't know why there is a hiatus just when the season is gaining momentum, but this two-week break has been built into the schedule and we are certain that the show will return with a very strong second half. Please stay tuned to BPR because we will continue to post news items, links, polls and interviews. We will also continue our very popular "Ask the Fashion Professor" feature during the break.

There is plenty of news about Project Runway Canada. Hasn't it been great? What has made it great? The challenges? The designers? Iman? I can't quite explain it, but there is something really special about the show. I loved the finale.

A story about Evan Biddell ran here in Saskatoon, where it is -12 degrees celsius today.

The title of this press release is "Addicted to Biddell."

Here are a couple of questions with the finalists.

The Winnepeg Sun has a nice interview with Biddell.

More Biddell here. Sorry if I am repeating these!

Meanwhile, here in the USA:

De Novo has an interview with Steve Rosengard.

Catch up with midseasonreplacements and the "Shoulderpads of Doom."

The Fug Girls seem to be suggesting that the shoulderpad challenge could have been addressed like this!