Thursday, December 06, 2007

Congratulations, Jillian

In spite of the fact that your work each week has been meticulous, you've flown under the radar as far as the judges were concerned. This outing you took the big risk and assumed the leadership role; we all know by now that this means that you were vulnerable. You wisely selected to incorporate all three elements - overalls, poodle skirts and 70's flare - as well as using fabric to unify the looks your team created. You also chose to work with designers that share your impeccable construction skills but you still worried without ever resorting to bullying or drama. Each garment in the mini-collection was strong, well-executed and had a clear point-of-view leading the judges to declare an obvious winner. And overalls a fashion don't? Never in Jillian's world! Brava!

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