Monday, December 03, 2007

BPR Interview With Tim Gunn

Our last interview with Tim was before the premiere of Season Four. Now we have three episodes behind us and lots of questions. We pay careful attention to your comments and e-mails and we will do our best to find answers.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Tim on Nov. 29th after his appearance in Scottsdale. My husband, daughter and a friend joined us.

Of course, the most important topic is "Tim's Take." We really miss it.

LK: Tim, what has happened to your blog and podcast?
TG: (Immediate response:) Well, it's not money. I have never been paid for "Tim's Take" and I would continue to do it for free.

LK: What is it?
TG: (Long thoughtful pause...) I'll say that I seem to want them to have "Tim's Take" more than they do.

(Okay, I am going to let this go for now.)

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