Friday, December 07, 2007

Shop The Runway

I have a gained a new appreciation for accessories on the Runway this season. A quality shoe or other piece can really elevate the entire look.

I wonder how early the designers can actually choose their accessories - do they ever fight over the perfect boot? Are all the shoes the same size?

This week, the dedicated staffers at Bluefly had their own "challenge." Would they really be able to find something in their inventory that would say "Overalls, 70's flare and poodle skirt?" Ha. See for yourself!

In particular, I liked the blouse that Jillian paired with her design. I noticed the sheer blouse that she was wearing in a previous episode, and I assumed it was her own design. If Jillian is her own muse, she is ideal. Her own personal style speaks volumes about her talent, her taste and her finishing and fitting skills.

Here is a similar sheer blouse from Bluefly.
More examples are here.

Like the shoes that Victorya's model, Jacqueline wore?

Here you go - and they're reasonable!

Finally, what did Nina Garcia say in response to Elisa's dress in Episode One? Train Wreck. Ha. Join the fun at Flypaper.