Wednesday, December 05, 2007

BPR Field Report from "Inside Project Runway"

Hello BPRs,

This is Robert, from Santa Monica (I'm the Librarian who hosted Tim Gunn during his book tour last spring -- and Roz reported from that event back in April -- so hello to Roz and Tim if they happen to read this). I'm reporting in from Tuesday night's "Inside Project Runway" panel talk at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills.

Laura K asked me to put together something for all of you on the evening's festivities, and here I am. I didn't write things down word for word, so most of the comments I'm mentioning here will be paraphrased. Hope you all like it. It was a great night, with 10 panelists in attendance. I was one of the earliest arrivals and got a very good seat right down in front.

The evening was held in the Paley Center's fairly small John Mitchell Theater, which seats only about 150 people. About 3 rows were reserved for PR production guests, and the rest was buzzingly happy fans. Things got started a few minutes later than the announced 7:30 p.m. start time, as Heidi's car apparently got stuck in L.A.'s typically horrendous traffic. But once she arrived, they got right down to things.

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