Saturday, December 08, 2007

Amanda's Take - Episode Four

Season Three Model, Amanda Fields returns with her perspective on episode four. Thank you Amanda!

First of all,

WHAT IS WITH the model selection process this week? Does anyone else have a HUGE problem with the fact that they brought out the two losing designer's models from the past 2 episodes and then the winning designer's model - Jack chose to switch. Then, they don't re-pick for everyone else! Cheron and Analita are automatically out, a-la season 2. Neither of them are that exciting, but I think they are better than a couple of girls that are still in.

OH and how amazing is it that the models get to WEAR SHOES in the MODEL SELECTION PROCESS!!! OK, I know you guys don't care one way or the other, but we had to be barefoot and this doesn't look as cute. Do you think this decision is because of Bluefly? Kudos to them!

OK. Best walkers this time around? Lea, Marie, Jacqueline. This is not biased! I look at it as if I were casting a fashion show - who would I choose to walk in my clothes? Jacqueline looked like a goddess. I hope these three make it to fashion week!

I was not very excited by this week's challenge. I would have liked it better if each designer had to re-make a bad trend individually instead of in a team. I agree with the judges this week for the winner, and I think for the "out" they wanted to send Chris home because they didn't want another Kayne. They are over the costumes.

Did y'all notice this at the end of the episode? "The judges considered both their scores and input from producers and Bravo in reaching their elimination decisions." Just wanted to remind everyone of this, in case you are frustrated in the aufing choices! It is a TV SHOW, after all. Drama, drama, drama. :)

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