Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ask The Fashion Professor

Every once in a while we receive a technical question about garment construction or design that we have no idea how to answer - like this one:

dear laura,
here's a question i wish could be answered...either on project runway or on bpr.
how does a garment go from the "draping" stage to a pattern stage?
i gather from the last episode (jack vs rami) that there's a difference between draping and creating a pattern and just "tracing" something already made.
could we have a blow by blow explanation of the draping to pattern to garment process?
i think it would add to even more enjoyment of the show if we lay-people had more of a working knowledge of this obviously crucial skill.

stacy w :-)

I thought this was something that we would all like to learn about so I asked BPR friend, Anthony Cady - Fashion Professor at FIT in New York City - if he would be willing to tackle it. Professor Cady graciously agreed.

Here is his response: