Friday, December 14, 2007

Ask The Fashion Professor

Dear Professor,

Is there something innately difficult in working with poly acetate / satin / lace? Why did Steven seem to dread it?


Dear Derek,

Here's the scoop on the whole poly acetate lace satin wedding dress thing and the dread Steven had of it.

It's a difficult fabric to run thru a machine - slippery and shifty. It is also difficult to make seams that are clean and flat. It wrinkles. It is hard to cleanly alter by hand. When pressed it smells toxic. It can get dirty easily. Put a whole bunch of it into a wedding dress and bead it and you have a mine-field.

Steven was smart to use as little of it as possible - he made that decision quickly - how he used the rest of his time is where the trouble was.


Anthony Cady / FIT

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