Thursday, December 06, 2007

From The Mailbox

Good morning BPRs. The mailbox is already full of great links, recaps and articles.

Did you miss Tim Gunn on Rachael Ray yesterday? Here is the clip, thanks to tvwhiz at Youtube.

Next, a story about Laura Bennett and her country home. Thanks Winged Sheep.

Our friends at Newsday are offering a Tim Gunn Highlight of the week.

Attention Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Kayne Gillaspie will be appearing at Susan's Shop tomorrow and Saturday. Click here for more information. We'd love a field report.

The LAist has a great interview with Sweet P. Have I mentioned that I heart Sweet P?

We have a report from Michael S that Austin Scarlett will be appearing on the "Real Housewives" next week. More info to come.

Here is an interview with Nina Garcia.

Stay tuned for news from Daniel Vosovic and Mychael Knight.