Thursday, December 27, 2007

From The Mailbox

Nick Verreos appeared on Crowned last night. He helped the contestants choose the most flattering gowns. He was adorable. When does he sleep?

Minx presents her ode to Christian Siriano here. is asking fans for the most memorable lines of 2007. Let's submit our favorites from Project Runway!

Nina Garcia offers fashion advice for New Year's Eve at

Reader Cheri B is warning us about an online scam at "" I'm not providing the link - don't go there. As far as we know, Project Runway episodes are not available to purchase on iTunes, or on any other service. The premiere episode is available at the Bravo site, but no additional episodes have been posted. Devoted fans are uploading the episodes to YouTube and we are providing links as they become available. Anyone claiming to have episodes of season four to download for a fee should be regarded with the most serious scrutiny and skepticism.

Sign On San Diego is saying what we are all feeling....

The mailbox is filled with references to Heidi Klum being sued by Van Cleef and Arpels, but no one covers the story better than our friends at Counterfeit Chic.

Finally, there is still time to vote in our Who will go to Fashion Week? poll. Right now Kevin and Victorya are neck-and-neck for the fourth position so every vote matters. This poll will stay open until Jan 2nd. Thanks BPRs!