Monday, December 10, 2007

Tim Gunn at EMc2

Dispatch from EMc2 - Tim Gunn Bobblehead Signing. 12/9/2007.
Professor Anthony Cady - FIT.

Just back from Emmett McCarthy's shop. A cold day in Gotham for signing bobbleheads. For obvious reasons I really couldn't ask questions we all want asked so I came armed with 1 quick question:

Comment on the season's fashion equivalent of the fruitcake: the Christmas Sweater.

First the obvious - Tim is a good man - warm and patient with fans and quick with the pen on a very cold day. Diplomatic too.
He deftly deflected difficult questions about the current season and his relationship with the show.

I asked about his relationship with Liz Claiborne. For fans of the brand be on the lookout - Tim is back from a series of trunk shows highlighting the relaunch and update of the label - changes have been well received - customers new and old will be pleased.

I asked for Christmas gift tips.

Accessories for your electronics - hit Best Buy for Liz Claiborne covers and cases - a clever and inexpensive gift idea.

And Christmas Sweaters? "Oh Good Lord! Pleeaassee!"

Jack, Kevin and Christian dropped by briefly.
Jack's arms are enormous. Kevin is sinister and intense.
Christian's mullet is on sideways. Jack's mother doesn't wear Christmas sweaters. Although Jack's brother, whom I chatted with, reported that he, Jack and male friends have donned noxious Christmas sweaters and gone drinking. Kevin is unaware of Christmas sweaters. Christian produced a blank stare when asked about them.

A word about Emmett McCarthy. Another good man. Tall. Really tall. Polite and very warm. Unlike some of the other alumni who are wallowing in celebrity - Emmett is designing and running his shop and business. He's recently added bags and footwear both of which are distinctive and well made.

Celebrity is easy. The nuts and bolts of building and running a fashion business are very hard - Emmett is doing a good job.