Thursday, December 06, 2007

Teams of Discontent

Another team challenge, another disappointing result. When will the producers get this right? From gilgirl in our reactions post, echoing much of the BPR's frustration today:

Rules for PR designers:

#1 - NEVER - NEVER volunteer to be team leader. Always be a team member and go with the flow. When the usual "who should be out" question is presented at judging - nominate yourself for elimination or act like answering the question is pure torture.

#2 - If you are told to present your designs to a person that will choose their favorites (and then teams are picked based on those designs) - show them the crapiest outfit you can design so that you are not chosen as a team leader.

Why would anybody put themselves in this position if past seasons have proven that team leaders are the ones in the "bottom" almost all of the time. All you need is one team member that screws up and you are viewed as not being able to lead that person. I hate these challenges. Does there always have to be a leader? Isn't there something to be said for working as a group where you all have equal say in the decisions and watch the leaders rise to the top in the way they work with their teammates? I know that these 2 "bottom" designers had bad outfits in addition to being team leaders, but I am still upset at how these challenges work as a whole.

This has been a long standing pin in our cushion at BPR. Here's Laura K's editorial regarding team challenges from Season 3. There must be a better way. What do you think?